MGX 250/300/400

scansteel foodtech manufactures and supplies a range of cheese extruders, model MGX 250/300/400, respectively. The extruder series delivers a high product surface area combined with a high capacity output. Additionally, the extruder series is, as standard, equipped with foreign matter separation.

Supply Options
Extruders can be supplied as stand alone-equipment or as part of an entire cheese processing line.

High output to meet high production rate demands

Up to 12,000 kg/hr

Lower formulation costs as high surface area/small particle size of Ø2.8 mm leads to increased utilisation of functional components, i.e. young cheese intact casein due to increased and consistent melting and protein hydration/emulsification capabilities

Minimum risk of foreign matter: no metal-to-metal contact surfaces because of foreign matter separation.

Performance capability: high output up to 12,000 kg/hr and particle size Ø2.8 or Ø5 mm

Capable to extrude frozen cheese and butter

Technical specifications

55-90 kW Motor
Dismantling crane
Electro polished feeding screw, lining, and support bearing
CE standard
Robust construction