Grinder Programme

Over the years, the scansteel foodtech Group has conquered the position as THE supplier with the world’s widest grinder programme. scansteel foodtech delivers, among other, the following grinder programme: Single worm and double worm grinders.

scansteel foodtech grinders are normally used for the following applications (but not limited hereto):

• Fresh meat raw material.
• Frozen blocks of meat raw material.
• Bones – beef, pork, poultry, fish, etc.
• Fat – all types and temperatures.

• Fish – all types.
• Fish offal.
• By-products


• Constructed in stainless steel AISI 304.
• Grinders from Ø250 mm – Ø550 mm.
• Grinding capacities from 2000 – 40,000 kg/hour.
• Optional hydraulic knife tensioning system.
• Large hopper infeed area preventing bridge building.

• Low noise level.
• Low energy consumption.
• 75 kW – 200 kW motor.
• 1 or 2 units dismantling crane.
• Heavy Duty construction.

The SuperGrind 400/260 & 550/260 can be equipped with 90 kW, 110 kW, 132 kW, or 160 kW motor and with single or double knife set. Globally, the scansteel foodtech SuperGrind 400/260 & 550/260 are probably the toughest and most Heavy Duty “Work Horses” among meat raw material grinders. Designed specifically for global pet food and rendering industries for grinding of:

• Entire beef bones – all types including femur bones.
• Entire pork bones – all types including femur bones
• Poultry bones – all types.

• Fish bones – all types.
• Pre-broken bones.
• Soft meat raw material.

These truly unique and universal grinders provide first-class grinding results, fully comparable with and even surpassing those of conventionally specialised grinders for fresh, tempered, or deep-frozen blocks without changing anything but the incoming raw material to be ground, coarsely or finely, as required.

High performance grinding within a wide capacity range is achieved through a low-tolerance, rigid design with smoothly shaped worms, hand-forged, welded, ground super finely by skilled Danish craftsmen, combined with the smooth surfaces of high precision CNC milling linings.

The electrical panel is embedded into the machine cabinet. The electrical panel can swing away to grant full access to the interior of the machine at maintenance, etc.

Easy and effective cleaning of both feeding worm and grinding worm, which can both be easily disassembled and removed together with knife set and other similar parts by means of the included tools. Hole plates are easily removed and replaced during production with the included extraction tool, fitting the inner thread in the hole plate centre hole. The hygienic design provides easy access to and cleaning of all surfaces in contact with the product. The product area and drive components such as bearing etc. are completely separated by wide flushing channels with full visibility of and access to bearing sealings and drive clutches. This provides complete food safety as it is impossible for lubricants or bearing impurities to enter the product zone. Foldable safety fences guardsprevent access to rotating parts during operation. All surfaces are either smoothly polished or ground and glass bead peened.