Emulsifier QuadroCut 225 / PentaCut 225

Globally, the scansteel foodtech QuadroCut 225 / PentaCut 225 emulsifier is the Heavy Duty “Work Horse” among emulsifiers. Danish quality equipment conceived, engineered, and manufactured in Denmark. The QuadroCut 225 / PentaCut 225 emulsifier is a highly reliable, high- and consistent performing emulsifier designed for uniform product quality. The functionality of the machine ensures low running costs just as safe and easy operation.

Heavy Duty construction from the ground up!
The scansteel foodtech QuadroCut 225 /PentaCut 225 is designed for Heavy Duty applications. The robust frame is designed to easily withstand the forces from electrical motors from 90 kW – 200 kW.
All frame and cabinet work is manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304.
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Ultra-Flexible Knife System Set-up
The scansteel foodtech knife set cassettes have been designed so they can be assembled at the meat
processors’ workshop by trained technicians. As such, the only thing the machine operators mustdo is
to replace the knife cassette at agreed intervals.
Knife Set Combinations:
  • PentaCut:
  • QuadroCut:
  • TripleCut:
  • DoubleCut:

5 knives – 4 hole plates
4 knives – 3 hole plates
3 knives – 2 hole plates
2 knives – 1 hole plate

Technical Specifications

Motor size:
Emulsion production capacity:

Electrical controls:

Emulsifier knife set speed:

Main bearing: 

Standard range: 90 kW – 200 kW.
2000 – 25,000 kg/hour.

Allen Bradley operator panel and PLC.

Siemens operator panel and PLC

Frequency controlled speed of 1800 – 3000 rpm.
Typically, the most important speed control is given by the infeed pump speed which can be
pre-programmed in the control panel of the QuadroCut 225 / PentaCut 225 emulsifier

Oil filled bearing. Oil cooled