scansteel foodtech is among the leading companies, designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing single machines and equipment as well as complete processing lines for the global food industries. scansteel foodtech focuses and specializing within the following industries; meat- and poultry preparation, cheese preparation as well as convenience and fast food preparation industries.

Belt Conveyor
Inclined belt conveyor
with metal detector
MG 400 & CG 300
Product transfer
Inclined screw conveyor & giraff
Gravy Systems
Pump Serie
MC, QuadroCut & scanEmul

In addition to our standard range of food preparation machines and equipment scansteel foodtech develops individual tailor made machines and equipment in co-operation with our customers. Additionally, scansteel foodtech also designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and services complete food processing lines. Our food processing lines can be delivered with- our without Line Control Systems, with- our without recipe formulation software, uploading of data to customers’ existing ERP systems and MCC’s.

complete processing lines

scansteel foodtech can offer a wide range of machines or complete processing lines for food suppliers. Feel free to contact scansteel foodtech for a joint conversation concerning any pet food preparation processing requirement you may have, now or in the future.