Terms & Conditions

When doing business with scansteel foodtech A/S and/or purchasing single machinery, complete lines, equipment, software, electronic, electrical controls and devices, services etc.  from scansteel foodtech A/S or any related companies, please be informed that any such business is conducted according to Orgalime S 2012, “General Conditions for The Supply of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic Products”. This includes, but is not limited to, direct customers of scansteel foodtech A/S, scansteel foodtech A/S agents and scansteel foodtech A/S distributors.

Please feel free to download Orgalime S 2012. In case you would like to receive a copy in another language, you do not see in the below, and you are doing business or consider doing business with scansteel foodtech A/S, please feel free to inquire about Orgalime S 2012 in another language and we shall be pleased to forward you same, if available.

Download Orgalime S2012